Pixelware helps small product companies gain more customers by making your products easier to find and buy online. We connect small businesses and startups with consumers who are ready to purchase.


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Most Med Spas struggle to reach new customers and drive more traffic online.
Not being able to scale and grow your customer base is impacting your revenue growth.
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Lack of understanding of customer behavior on your website.
Collecting analytics without knowing what it means will waste your time and effort, providing little to no positive results.
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Unable to identify and resolve the failure points during your customer's journey.
Not removing friction from the sign-up and purchase process will cause you to lose customers and weaken consumer confidence in your brand.
Here's what we recommend instead.
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Get more appointments by optimizing customer channels and targeting the right people.
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No more guessing. Capture the correct data and use it to your advantage by making data-driven decisions.
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Create a frictionless user experience that will increase the number of customers booking appointments.
The Pixelware Optimization Funnel.
The Pixelware Optimization Funnel will take Med Spas from relying solely on customer referrals to having 10-30 more new appointments per month.
Analyze customer data
Perform market reserach
Define customer problem
Communicate customer demographics
Establish customer journey
Create product proposal
Clearly outline tasks
Set measurable goals
Increase customer acquisition
Fractional Executives.

How do we provide value?

Most startups and small businesses do not have a formal product management practice. The average senior product leader earns over $500k in total compensation. A product team will cost you millions of dollars. Without a formally trained and experienced product team, your product will not grow to its full potential. We are knowledgeable in product growth, page optimization, marketing, analytics, user behavior, product design, and engineering. Our team is product team can help you achieve your goals at a fraction of the cost.

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