Convert better.

How much is the friction in your sales process costing you? We identify issues, resolve them, and improve your online sales volume and velocity.
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Real talk.

The average senior product leader earns over $500k in total compensation. A product team could cost you millions. Without proper training and experience, your business will not reach its full potential.

Pixelware Studios can help you build a strategy and roadmap that will give you the insight you need to achieve your goals at a fraction of the cost.

Pixelware helps.

We use analytics to build product and marketing strategies to remove friction from your customer's experience, making your products visible and irresistible.
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Refine the experience.

Give your products the best chance of converting visitors into paying customers.

Clear your voice.

Refine your brand and voice to resonate with more customers and access new markets.
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Find your customers.

Target your ideal customer personas with automated campaigns and targeted advertising. 

Measure. Analyze. Test. Repeat.

It's our secret sauce. We build prioritized roadmaps based on your data, then use small experiments to test our way to success.
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Happy clients.

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Welcome to the lab.

Let us show you how to start leveraging your data to help guide product enhancement, reduce funnel friction, and increase sales.